About us

Center of Digital Inclusion

Our History

CDI (Center of Digital Inclusion) is a non-governmental organization of social and digital inclusion and innovation with an international presence. We are part of the global network RECODE(originally called CDI) which has recently celebrated 23 years.

CDI arrived in Portugal in May 2013 thanks to partners Microsoft, Fundação PT, McKinsey & Company, SRS Advogados, EDP, PWC and APDC Foundation, with the aim of further transforming lives through technology. We believe in the benefits that technology can bring to people, as a means and not an end.

What do we do?

Our goal is to address social and digital inclusion and innovation. Our projects promote digital literacy, the exercise of citizenship so that citizens use technologies to solve problems and challenges in their community and in the world.

From our values – solidarity, transparency, equity, innovation and excellence – we want to create benchmark projects that will transform the future. We are looking for a full integration between education, technology, citizenship and entrepreneurship, in order to achieve social transformation.

CDI was elected one of the top 85 companies in the world in 2014, according to the “B Corp Best for Communities” list, published annually by B Lab.

In 2011 and 2012, it was nominated as one of the world’s top 100 NGOs by the Global Journal.

We believe in the benefits that technology can bring to people as a means and not an end.

Rodrigo BaggioFounder of CDI.

How do we do it?

Through a methodology based on the pedagogy of Paulo Freire, people make use of technology to solve problems in their communities, while they are getting involved in a project that is also theirs. The end result can lead to the creation of social activities to solve any problems detected and to maintain the sustainability of the project.

Reading the

Assessing the context in which one is placed, establishing the issue to be tackled and the objectives to be achieved.

to do?

Planning what needs to be done to achieve the objectives set out in the previous step.


This is the execution stage. The youngster, the multiplier and the community learn together and share knowledge.

have we learned?

Time to assess what has been learned and accomplished.

Governing Bodies

Rodrigo Baggio

Executive Director

Pedro Rebelo de Sousa

Chairman of the Board of the General Meeting

Maria José Santana

Secretary of the General Assembly

Luís Mendes

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Marco Afonso

Fiscal Council


João Baracho

Executive Director

Cláudia Lima

Pedagogical Coordinator

Matilde Buisel

Apps for Good Manager

Priscila Andrade

Communication and Marketing

Paula Fernandes

Impact Assessment

Bruno Cândido

Digital Designer & IT Support

Inês Sousa

CCDV Project Manager

André Lopes

Business Development & Operations

Alexandra Lima

Valongo Digital Citizenship Center

Joana Pereira

Program Manager & Business Development

Joana Ferreira

Community Management

Meet the rest of the team:Recode Brasil e Apps for Good UK

How to Collaborate?

We collaborate with schools, foundations, companies, councils, among other entities. How? How?



We value our collaborations and partnerships with companies, foundations, municipalities, that share our vision of developing a more innovative and socially and digitally inclusive Portuguese society.




We provide training for the application of the CDI problem-solving methodology through technology with multiple groups.




We collaborate with schools under the Apps for Good program.




Experts are volunteers who support students during the school year by advising and inspiring them as they develop their ideas.