The VIDEOMAKERS of Valongo's future

You to Innovation | 1st Edition

You To Innovationis the new project of Switch to Innovation that is taking place in the Digital Citizenship Centre of Valongo. It is for all those who want to learn how to have a VOICE on digital platforms and thus represent a positive change in their community.
The “fearless VIDEOMAKERS of the future” who are participating in You To Innovationhave created a Youtube channel to show the world the various recording options: being a gamer for a day, tutorials, stop motion, silhouettes and working with sound, are some examples. But, they don’t stop at Youtube. they’re also on Instagram!

When did it start?
End of January 2021

How long does this project last?
5 months (300 hours)

Working Hours – during the afternoon.

The sessions will be in attendance mode and / or online

What they are learning:

  • Digital content management
  • Creativity in Communication
  • Video editing
  • Audiovisual production and directing
  • Digital Video Editing – Equipment and software
  • Sound to picture
  • Aesthetic language of the audiovisual
  • Photo and video technologies
  • Character Building